The collection of the museum

The exhibition shows around 200 pieces of art from different decades and various regions of Asia on 3 different floors:

Antique treasures of tibetan art are at display in glass cabinets. Ritual and cult objects of tantric buddhism enliven the fantasy of vistors. Thangkas and buddhist drawings may count as rare treasures of former tibetan monasteries.

The fine sense of form and proportion shown in mystifying buddhist bronze sculptures is only found in the history of southeast Asian art. On the other hand, Indian art is represented by its many extraordinary deities. They are often shown with many arms and heads, looking like they came out of legends and fables.

Rare stupas and temple sculptures coming from Nepal and Bhutan make this exhibition as extraordinary as it is. It is a whole collection of seldom and exquisite art pieces. They all represent their own style and stages of cultural history from various regions of Asia.